[Catalyst] What a waste of time

Michele Beltrame mb at italpro.net
Thu Apr 27 16:13:12 CEST 2006

Dear Thomas,

> it's true on shared hosting though, which is probably where most
> newbies, includies the ror "troll" ran into problems.

I don't think the situation is better for RoR in a shared hosting
environment. The problem is speed: the CGI engine, forcing all
initializations to be performed at every request, doesn't scale well for
medium-big applications. Is RoR fast in CGI-mode? I don't think so.

> I think there may be a viable business providing friendly hosting for
> catalyst app, perhaps via a virtual server (ie multiple users with
> root access). In my case at least, Dreamhost shared hosting didn't
> quite cut it.

Giving "shared" root access is not a good idea I think, an user might
(even in a non-voluntary way) create problems to the script of the others.

A better solution might be to provide FastCGI support in a server shared
among many users. Problem is - however - the web server needs to be
restarted when deploying a new release of the application. And it's not
OK to have a user restart the web server everybody else uses, if not
else because (with many users) that might really happen too often.

I'm wondering if there is a solution which doesn't require the web
server to restart. Maybe PersistentPerl? I don't know enough about it to


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