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Guillermo Roditi groditi at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 19:13:39 CEST 2006

OK Here is the deal..

I want to use catalyst.
I know perl, _very_ well.
I know how to THINK like a programmer
I know mysql in and out, php very very well, and i can work my way around c
and c++

I have never used Class:DBI or DBIx or anything besides plain DBI because of
the nature of the things I develop. Most of the queries are very very
complicated and are easier done in plain SQL.

I've never been super into the OOP thing. I make my own modules for internal
use as classes but I have never subscribed to the ruby(/java)-style
everything is an object thing.

I installed catalyst and it works, kind of. everytime i do something it
crashes and i have to install a module that
cpan> install Catalyst
cpan> install Task::Catalyst

both of which took foreeeeeeeever and had some glitches. Something should
really be done to try to control deps. i mean Catalyst has so many deps
which in turn have so many deps themselves. it was NUTS. it took hours and
hours. both on FreeBSD (the port was a huuuge pain, i opted for CPAN, which
ultimately worked much better) on Mac OSX i'm still fighting with it a
little bit but its going to be working soon.

neglected to install. Now, here is my problem. I get the basic demos. I'd
like some examples that don't use SQLite. I dont want to use SQLite. not
even for testing because it doesnt make sense to start developing on
something thats different from your target, especially seeing as how i have
a live mirror of my production sata source to use for testing and

Where can i find some decent docs and tutorials. I dont really like videos..
they dont really do much for me. I read through all the CPAN stuff and its
just all way too basic. or way too assuming of me knowing catalyst.  I need
something  in the middle, does that exist ??  I have no use for hello
world.  I'm not an idiot. I just need something that tells me this commans
makes this and that. here is the helpers that you can use (the example one
DBIC is deprecated!) and here is what they do.  Here is what they don't do
for you that you should do..

I'venever had to use any CRUD ish framework just because most of the stuff
that I do doesnt benefit much from it. Until now.

is there any howtos our there or tutorials other than the basic one on CPAN
and the outdates ones out on the web?

I mean, I catch on quick, i know programming, but i don't know catalyst or
why it makes so many files or what they are, or what i am supposed to change
or not. or what helpers are available and what they do for me.   everyone
has these awesome 20 line application demos which are just not realistic for
someone looking to make a really large full fledged application. I mean if i
wanted a simplewiki or cd database i would just use php or rails or
something similar. I chose catalyst and perl because i have an insane amount
of business logic already in *.pm s all over my systems and would like to
re  use it.

label me as very frustrated and lost in catalyst world, but wanting to stick
it out

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