[Catalyst] Updated "Catalyst, DBIC, Authentication And Authorization Tutorial"

Bryan Roach bryan.roach at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 16:10:55 CEST 2006

I recently completed the "Catalyst, DBIC, Authentication And
Authorization Tutorial" v.0.92, and I have been using it as a starting
point for my own application. I want to thank Kennedy for creating
this fantastic tutorial! It was desperately needed. Many of the
tutorials in existence rely on deprecated code or on the old way of
doing things which is no longer considered "best practices." (Or, in
some cases, no longer even works.)

After a week of trying to get up to speed on Catalyst, I was at a
point of extreme frustration. I can understand where the guy who wrote
the "what a waste of time" post was coming from. From what I read
about Catalyst initially, I expected to be able to get up and running
much more quickly than what was realistic. I really wanted to write my
own angry post and find another framework. This tutorial really helped
me to "turn the corner" and start getting to the point where I could
produce useful code. It helped to solidify many concepts which were
vague and theoretical in my mind.

I suggest that this tutorial be placed front and center among the
getting started documentation on the Catalyst website. Anyone who is
interested in promoting Catalyst and helping new users should look to
this as an example of how to do it. (A followup tutorial illustrating
a CRUD implementation and the use of other Cataylst packages would be
very helpful too, if anyone is so inspired.)

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