[Catalyst] ORMs, CRUD, etc

Guillermo Roditi groditi at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 23:13:09 CEST 2006

I want to use an ORM. For what I want to do it would really be hugely
beneficial. What is the difference between Rose::DB, DBIC, CDBI,
DBIx::Schema, DBIC::Schema etc etc etc

Which one is the most widely supported?  At this point I am not looking so
much for the BEST as I am looking for something I can manage to get working.
I mean I still can't manage to install some modules that demand me having

I just want something to work. I am so tired of the hell that installing has
been so far. I want to start coding already.

Also. what about CRUS? whats the deal with INstant CRUD and Enzyme?  why is
INstantCRUD not supported by the catalyst devs? is CRUD and MVC things that
dont agree?

What exactly does CRUD do for you?? I guess I'm still a little confused as
to what CRUD frameworks do... are they just functions or do they make
interfaces or what?
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