[Catalyst] Pluggable Application Modules - Newbie question

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 7 15:51:25 CEST 2006

I am working on a similar project and the way I handled this was to make each of the sub systems a different catalyst server and then used a xmlrpc interface and some atom feeds to hook it up to a front end presentation server.
For getting myself started fast I set up a standard yaml config file that was mostly applicable across the board.  Also I avoided putting config stuff into models and centralized it to the main yaml file.  That way
I could see everything unique in one file.
I found doing it this way made it easy to bring in new servers without a lot of work.
welcome to catalyst!  --john

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We're just about to begin several new website projects and I'm currently 
evaluating catalyst, I've gone through the tutorial and so far all seems 
straight forward.

I only have one question before I begin, I'd like to have several sub 
projects (user, cart, forums, etc...) I'd like each of these to be 
boiler plates to be utilized within several websites, each boiler plate 
would have its own configuration file which controls the level / levels 
of functionality provided. There would obviously need to be some level 
of interaction between certain modules (checking a user is logged before 
cashing out his cart etc..), yet others (forums) may not be required on 
specific sites.

What best practices would you recommend for this in catalyst?

Many Thanks

Jason Crummack

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