[Catalyst] Sigh. How do we get on this list?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Aug 9 15:44:33 CEST 2006

> By obsessively marketing Catalyst. Ideally build several web apps that are
> really, really useful (c.f. Basecamp) & market the hell out of them.

I have to use Basecamp at work.  Frankly, it's a useless piece of junk. 
Yes, it has some shiny AJAX crap... but it's pretty buggy.  (For
example, try typing a < or > in the comments field.  It gets passed
verbatim to the client, screwing up the rendering of the page.  If they
used Catalyst and TT, it would be a 5 *byte* fix, i.e. [% comment | html
%])  Pretty much, Basecamp is like every other piece of proprietary
software -- they already have our money, so why should they fix our
bugs?  (The other outstanding issue is that we need for milestones to
have estimated times attached to them, so we can make charts via their
XML-RPC interface.  Actually, "need" isn't the right word...)

> Catalyst needs an equivalent of 37Signals bigging it up all over the
> *business* press.

Has anyone written a printed Catalyst book yet?  That's probably the
first step.  Some PODs at search.cpan doesn't really get the manager
types excited.

Jonathan Rockway

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