[Catalyst] Sigh. How do we get on this list?

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Aug 9 18:47:17 CEST 2006

More of my 2 cents :)

> Rails is easy because, it would appear, it 
> sacrifices TMTOWTDI - they lost me right there.

Yup.  And from a technical standpoint, rails isn't all that good. 
ActiveRecord?  Great for blogs and Basecamp, bad for everything else. 
Even my boss picked up on this immediately!  (And thinks Catalyst is
similarly afflicted -- I guess I'll have to write a demo app to prove
them wrong :)

I do admit that saying "ActiveRecord" feels really good.  Much better
than DBIx::Class::Schema ;)

Ruby has some neat features, but hello, it's 2006 and Unicode doesn't
work!?  That's just sloppy, really.  And then there are "Ruby gems", but
they're Just Not CPAN.  (Think about all the infrastructure that CPAN
gives you -- local mirrors, CPAN testers, rt.cpan.org, mailing lists,
etc.  Does the Comprehensive Ruby Archive Network have that? :)

Obviously I've had the "perl kool-ade" so to speak, but Catalyst + CPAN
is definitely the simplest and most elegant framework.  It makes your
work easier, not harder!

But since it doesn't do automagic AJAX + OS X icons (oooh preeety....),
it's not going to be "popular".  Downloading Catalyst::Plugin::Prototype
is much too difficult, I guess. 

However, I think Catalyst is popular enough, because we have plenty of
people working on it, and plenty of people on the mailing list willing
to help others out.  (Dunno if the same can be said for Ruby + Rails. 
Is there anything like p5p for ruby?  Do more than 2 people work on Rails?)

> I'd rather have the design decisions for my chosen framework made in 
> consideration of the pragmatic than the marketing side of things.  

I think everyone on the list agrees.  That's why we're here :)

Jonathan Rockway

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