[Catalyst] SOLUTION: Re: Authentication::Store::DBIC worksundermyapp_server.pl butnot Apache/mod_perl

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Sun Aug 13 00:38:33 CEST 2006

Joel Bernstein wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 12, 2006 at 01:57:27PM -0700, Rodney Broom wrote:
>> From: "Jonathan Rockway" <jon at jrock.us>
>>> Interesting version of diff there.
>> These were diff -c, which patch(1) is happy with. Can you tell me what format (in diff(1)) you're refering to?
> Unified-context diffs, aka diff -u. That's the standard way for patches
> to be distributed, AFAIK.

diff -urP

from the root of the project is usually ideal, or better still the output of 
"svn diff" or "svk diff". Both of those reduce the maintainer's work to

cd /path/to/project/checkout
patch -p0 <patchfile
make test
svk commit

which makes things much more likely to get applied :)

"I've attached this four line diff -c with no filename and two other files you 
need to copy into t/", OTOH, is likely to get it ignored or a re-send asked for.

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