[Catalyst] Oracle as model

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Mon Aug 14 15:36:04 CEST 2006

Jason Crummack wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just begun playing with catalyst and I'm currently talking to 
> oracle, but I'm seeing a strange side effect. After the first access to 
> the model i can no longer ctrl-c the xxx_server.pl script.

Weird. Assuming you're using DBIx::Class for the model side of things it might 
be worth posting a message there since I know we've got a number of active 
Oracle users and they might have seen something like this before.

My first ports for figuring this out would be (1) try an isolated DBI script 
to see if it's a duff DBD::Oracle build and (2) strace it and see what you get 
(on linux; truss on solaris and ktruss on *BSD are the equivalents)

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