[Catalyst] Oracle as model

Jason Crummack jason.crummack at easysoft.com
Mon Aug 14 17:29:59 CEST 2006

Yes I'm using DBIx::Class, I did attempt to subscribe to the DBIx::Class 
list last week, never received a confirmation email though, so i'll try 

The DBD::Oracle driver is bang up-to-date so the problem could be there, 
looks like something on the way is trapping the signals, if i define my 
own sig int trap it only works until the first data call is made, then 
nothing ;-(

I've just subscribed to the DBIx::Class list so I'll also post there.


Matt S Trout wrote:
> Jason Crummack wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just begun playing with catalyst and I'm currently talking to 
>> oracle, but I'm seeing a strange side effect. After the first access to 
>> the model i can no longer ctrl-c the xxx_server.pl script.
> Weird. Assuming you're using DBIx::Class for the model side of things it might 
> be worth posting a message there since I know we've got a number of active 
> Oracle users and they might have seen something like this before.
> My first ports for figuring this out would be (1) try an isolated DBI script 
> to see if it's a duff DBD::Oracle build and (2) strace it and see what you get 
> (on linux; truss on solaris and ktruss on *BSD are the equivalents)
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