[Catalyst] Forms and Plugins and Tutorials, oh my!!

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Fri Aug 18 14:26:28 CEST 2006

On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 08:35:21PM +0200, Krzysztof Krzy?aniak wrote:
> This is not needed. You simply add textarea (in template, html::widget or
> formbuilder) and include javascript, 

Using that same logic one could say that HTML:Widget isn't needed because
one could create forms themselves in their templates and do their own
validation logic in their action.  One could go even further using the same
logic and say that Catalyst isn't needed because with enough work one could
do everything they could do with Catalyst with plain old-fashioned perl CGI.
Personally, I'm glad we have Catalyst and form plugins like HTML::Widget.  

> it looks like:
> <http://kofeina.net/websvn/filedetails.php?repname=SireCSM&path=%2FSireCSM%2Ftrunk%2Ftemplates%2Farticle%2Fadd.tt&rev=0&sc=0>

That would certainly work.  But, imagine if a form plugin took care of the
dirty work for the developer.  Let's pretend for a moment.  Imagine, if you
will, that someone integrated the FCKEditor with HTML::Widget.  One might be
able to create an FCKEditor textarea field by doing something like:

$w->element('FCKEditor', 'description' )->label('Description')->rows(20)->

in their action and the form plugin would added the needed JavaScript to the
form for the developer.  Compared to the method suggested above which one is
more elegant, fun, rewarding, and quick?

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