[Catalyst] Forms and Plugins and Tutorials, oh my!!

Carl Franks fireartist at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 14:48:06 CEST 2006

On 18/08/06, Kevin Monceaux <Kevin at rawfeddogs.net> wrote:
> That would certainly work.  But, imagine if a form plugin took care of the
> dirty work for the developer.  Let's pretend for a moment.  Imagine, if you
> will, that someone integrated the FCKEditor with HTML::Widget.  One might be
> able to create an FCKEditor textarea field by doing something like:
> $w->element('FCKEditor', 'description' )->label('Description')->rows(20)->
>     columns(40);

There's work in this direction already with HTML::Widget::Dojo.
Work has currently stalled, partly because dojo seemed to be going
through a lot of changes, and partly because it's slipped down my
priority list.

Currently, HTML::Widget::Dojo provides elements for WYSIWYG textarea,
auto-complete text fields, and a popup date selector.

If you don't want to manually download the dojo library, it needs
Catalyst::Plugin::Dojo which currently uses HTML::Dojo, but will be
changed to use Alien::Dojo once that's merged with HTML::Dojo. - see
the previous discussion on this list, titled "Alien-Dojo / HTML-Dojo
merger suggestions"

If you're able to help at all with developing these, it'd be most welcome.
The first priority is probably rewriting Alien::Dojo, along the lines
mentioned in the "Alien-Dojo / HTML-Dojo merger suggestions" email.

The svn locations are:


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