[Catalyst] Can't find 'Catalyst::Plugin::SessionStateTest'

Samuel Baechler wnw at hispeed.ch
Tue Aug 22 09:49:57 CEST 2006

> it's usually easier to let cpan find the distribution itself. try :
> cpan install My::Module ....
well, as i said in my previous mail i tried this too (samuel# cpan 
install Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap
). but the problem remains the same: cpan can't find the plugin 
'Catalyst::Plugin::SessionStateTest'. when i search for it on 
search.cpan.org i can't find anything. so basically my question is:
(i) where can i find this plugin?
(ii) is there a possiblity to install 
'Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::FastMmap' without 



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