[Catalyst] Catalyst Book Authoring

Tobias Kremer t at funkreich.de
Tue Aug 22 15:56:28 CEST 2006

I recently started porting our current web application over to Catalyst.
The Catalyst documentation surely has made a big leap forward and is
better than what many other frameworks out there have to offer.

Nevertheless I feel an urgent need for a diverse best practices collection.
While Catalyst eases many tasks, its versatility often makes it kinda hard
to know what's the best way to do something (this is even more cumbering
if you are the only developer who has to decide everything on his/her own).
This is where a book could really come in handy IMHO.

There has been some discussion about a Catalyst book a while back on the
list and if my memory serves me well, O'Reilly was not interested which
I don't really understand because Catalyst is one of the best things
that ever happened to Perl lately and there are quite a lot of O'Reilly
Ruby On Rails books for instance.

I think some printed stuff would make Catalyst a lot more accessible and
wider known - which is almost always a good thing!

So, who's gonna do it? :)


Zitat von Douglas Paterson <doug at packtpub.com>:
> Hello,
> I'm a Development Editor with Packt Publishing, and I am looking for
> potential authors interested in working on a book about the Catalyst
> Framework. If this sounds appealing to you, then please contact me at
> doug at packtpub.com to discuss things further. I look forward to hearing from
> you.

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