[Catalyst] multiple row entry

Nate Wiger nwiger at scea.com
Tue Aug 22 19:25:00 CEST 2006

Alan Humphrey wrote:
> All –
> I have a UI problem that I’d like to see how other people deal with.  
> Using the CDs example, imagine a data input page containing fields for 
> the following:
> CD title
> Artist(s)
> Tracks
> There’s one title, 1 or more artists and 1 or more tracks.
> How to you handle the data entry of the tracks and artists?  I’ve 
> thought about an “add” button that would open up a separate page for 
> each track, but that’s clunky.  Is there a better way?  Something Ajaxian?

This is going to sound like a plug, but CGI::FormBuilder supports a 
"growable" option for fields that automatically gives you client side JS 
hooks to do this. You get a button that would say something like 
"Additional Artist" which would append to the DOM more fields of a given 
type on the fly. These inherit any field validation you have specified 
as well (both server and client validation is generated).

FormBuilder is on CPAN and there's a plugin (which may become a 
controller class later) for Catalyst as well. It slots right into the TT 

-Nate (FormBuilder Author)

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