[Catalyst] While the Catalyst CPAN install discussion is still going on....

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 24 15:06:42 CEST 2006

>> CPAN out of memory
  Dylan Vanderhoof:
  > Try http://cpan.llarian.net (mine, if in the US) or
  > http://cpan.shadowcatprojects.net (MSTs in UK/EU) and see if
  > the error persists?
  Rodney Broom:
  > I think I'm coming in late on this, but could the module list
  > actually be way oversized? Like maybe you're hitting a mirror
  > that's having a problem.
  Thanks guys, I tried both mirrors, get the same problem. ISP issue looks more likely -- I'll ping their support dept.
  I got my modules all installed, tho. I tarred up all the text-based  modules from my linux box and copied them into the right paths on ISP's  machine. Then I did the incantation (perl Makefile.PM && make  && etc) and installed all the compiled mods. Module::Build  insisted on perl Build.PM (geez, I can't understand why) and was the  only module that had trouble with BSD's libdata directory; but I  rearranged that one, too. I got catalyst's server to run -- port 3000  wasn't occupied ;-) Now I just have to load up the database and test  the rest of the stuff.
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