[Catalyst] Fastest Perl HTTPD?

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Sun Aug 27 10:30:23 CEST 2006

> Axkit2 looks like it'll be a lovely candidate for a production-quality
> scalable standalone server, although it's a single-process affair with
> optional forking so we'll need to figure out how to manage that
> appropriately to maximise performance.

Do you (or anyone else) know any benchmark or measurement about ax2 
performance? Speed, resource usage compared to similar Apache2/modperl2 
installations. Even partial or biased (though better than "I can ctrl-c it, 
so it's good").
Can it compete with Apache for speed, and in what circumstances? Would be nice 
to know.

Why do you think it's scalable? Anything in the architecture? And where do I 
find any documentation about the architecture? The one on cpan.org isn't 
exactly complete.

Too me it makes more sense to divide the front end (the light process) from 
the back end (worker processes) to make it easy to distribute to different 
servers, but it's another discussion. 

> I've been having some fairly sick thoughts about preforked Catalyst
> handlers and $dbh pools (with some assistance from a Storage subclass) but
> we'll get to that later :)

Specialized handler processes for different sub systems. I don't know if it 
could be possible with a generic API for this, but if you start with Catalyst 
and DBIC, I'm sure other use cass will appear. 

I would like to find more information about what the front & back ends can do, 
if plugins can only be activated by http requests, or if any event (e.g. 
timed events) can spark a task, so it could be used as an application server.


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