[Catalyst] problem with Reverse Proxy on top of Catalyst dev web server

Krzysztof Krzyżaniak eloy at pawnhearts.eu.org
Mon Dec 11 14:49:14 GMT 2006

"Hermida, Leandro" <Leandro.Hermida at fmi.ch> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if I am doing something wrong - The Catalyst development
> web server works great if I am connecting directly via port 3000 (i.e.
> http://hostname:3000/).  I just set up a virtual host w/ reverse proxy
> using apache on top of this so other users could see the web site with
> an easy address (i.e. http://myapp/).
> I get the nice Catalyst welcome page but it definitely hangs for a while
> when loading the page and the graphics don't show.  Am I missing
> something?

Not enough information. 

1) what is in /home/hermida/MyApp/logs/error_log?
2) do you use uri_for() method?

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