[Catalyst] VMware Image

Brian catalyst at gzmarketing.com
Thu Dec 21 00:16:48 GMT 2006

Do you know what the approximate filesize would be (zipped or RAR'd)?

Ubuntu would be great.


Daniel McBrearty wrote:
> does anyone have workable hosting for such a thing?
> I do my dev on an Ubuntu VM running on an XP host. It wouldn't be
> *that* much hassle for me to clone what I have, clean up a bit, and
> put a basic cat install on there.
> might have to wait a few weeks though, all the spare time I have goes
> into doing dev work at the mo. But I'd be glad to do it.
> On 12/21/06, Brian <catalyst at gzmarketing.com> wrote:
>> If that is so you can download the image and have a working development
>> system, I'd love it.
>> I want to look into Catalyst (currently use PHP / Smarty), but don't
>> have a lot of spare time right now to research it.  A ready to run image
>> would make it way easier to get started, especially if it had some
>> sample applications already in place.  I learn really fast from seeing
>> complete sample applications.
>> Thanks,
>> Brian

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