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Will Smith willbelair at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 22:47:57 CET 2006

  Thanks for all your help so far - I am coming to the end of the project. There are some more steps that I need to include in the app. 
  My question is: when browsing the app, user might see:
  http://xyz.com/library/edit/1  Some users might type 2 , 3 .. to access the other objects. How could I prevent this in Catalyst.
  - another question is: my database is pretty large ( > 100 table). So right at the beginning I used scaffold to develop the add/edit/list pages for each table in seperate folder (named after each table in the DB), if I want to serve my app under static (as instructed in the calendar advent) which is the best way to do , do I need to rename each page.tt to put them under one big folder?
  Sorry if these types of questions bother some of you.

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