[Catalyst] Wishlist for 2006!

Stephen Adkins spadkins at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 23:07:08 CET 2006


There were a few people, like Jess, who suggested that applications would be

I agree!

1. Real live working applications would serve as excellent examples of how
to use Catalyst.
2. A killer application (or more!) can do a lot to boost the popularity of
the underlying technologies.

I am sure that the core Catalyst team doesn't want to take on the
development of a suite
of applications.  However, perhaps it could be a feature of the Catalyst
community to
be an incubator for such applications.

I would like to write any number of possible applications:

  * An Event Registration and Management System
  * A Facilities Reservation System (like a Hotel room or Air flight
reservation system)
  * A General Purpose Reporting Engine
  * etc.

I also would like to learn to do this with Catalyst.

It would be great if I knew I could come to the Catalyst list and find some
experienced Catalyst mentors to work with an application project so that it
implements Catalyst best practices and contributes to the whole community.

I can envision a cluster of application teams growing up around the Catalyst
This cluster of core/application teams might be a very powerful feature of
the community.


On 1/6/06, Jess Robinson <castaway at desert-island.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Sebastian Riedel wrote:
> > After two weeks of intensive World of Warcraft playing and a lot of very
> good
> > food i'm back now and ready to take over the world.
> > I'd like to start the new year with a wishlist of things YOU would like
> to see
> > in Catalyst (and related projects).
> >
> > To get this started, my most important wish (sorry mst) is:
> > * Schema support for DBIx::Class (SQL::Translator::Producer::DBIxClass)
> >
> I'll take one of those, plus:
> A set of single scripts, which will each (given appropriate params),
> create some basic sites for various well-known uses, i.e.:
> 1. a blogging site
> 2. user forums
> 3. online shop
> 4. .. ?
> Including detailed instructions on which bits can be changed and how, in
> order to change look/feel/content..
> (I'm sure theres more things I'd like, I'll come up with them later)
> Jess
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