[Catalyst] Re: View::TT FILTERS and utf-8

Hartmaier Alexander Alexander.Hartmaier at t-systems.at
Mon Jan 9 17:29:28 CET 2006

I might have the same problem, but the output is only sometimes garbage and then only parts of the whole page.
This happens with both Plugin::Unicode and Plugin::Unicode::Encode.
When looking at the html source it looks like the already utf-8 encoded string is encoded one more time...


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> The weird thing is the build'in server produces correctly escaped
> chars but not the mod_perl one. I can't figure out what's going on :
> is TT2 behavior different when invoked from catalyst or when invoked
> from mod_perl ?

This is a problem of TT2 when running under mod_perl.

It's the 'html_entity' filter. When under mod_perl it uses something
form libapr which does not encode 'ä' for example. Whereas
HTML::Entities (used when no mod_perl) does.

I consider this a bug in TT2's filter html_entity. But I haven't found
the time to report this to Andy Wardley.


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