[Catalyst] [RFC] Catalyst::ConfigLoader -- load a config from various formats

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Thu Jan 26 13:44:52 CET 2006

Sebastian Riedel wrote:
> 26.01.2006 05:23 Brian.cassidy:
>> Hi All,
>> I've worked on a pluggable arbitrary config file loader for the
>> Catalyst core. Attached is a patch with the .pm files and a bunch of
>> tests. It's possible i've forgotten something, it's late. :)
>> So far it can load: INI, Perl, YAML, XML and JSON
>> Comments welcome.
> You missed the point a bit, what we really need is a sane default config
> format for the core.
> All other formats can be easily added with plugins.
> Most of us still prefer YAML, but one parser uses Spiffy and the other
> has XS prereqs.
> Maybe the best solution is to release and use YAML::Frozen::039.

Right. I think blblack@#dbix-class is working on it already...
I could be wrong...


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