Fwd: [Catalyst] Apache2 problem

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Fri Jan 27 02:38:00 CET 2006

Alan Humphrey wrote:
> Andy -
> Thanks.  I've removed all traces of Catalyst from my system and am in the
> process of reinstalling (Task::Catalyst) now.  (BTW, I just noticed that
> Task::Catalyst installs YAML-0.53.)
> Anyway, what is the correct way to install upgrades?  I've just been using
> cpan but if it's going to leave deprecated modules hanging around maybe
> that's not the way to go.  Any pointers?

I really don't know, CPAN should install the latest version in the right place 
so you never have to worry about this.  Only a small percentage of people have 
run into the issue.


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