[Catalyst] forgotten logins

Wijnand Wiersma wijnand at nedbsd.nl
Sat Jan 28 14:52:26 CET 2006

Drew Taylor wrote:
> On 1/28/06, Wijnand Wiersma <wijnand at nedbsd.nl> wrote:
>> $c->log("$c->user->{name} was here") if $c->user_exists;
>> but somehow that disables logging in. This was a login request:
> Early on I made this error too: what your code is doing is replacing
> the Catalyst::Log object with a string! The logging object has several
> levels of logging - see the pod for details.
> What you really meant to write is $c->log->debug(). That should fix
> the server errors at least.
Ok, you are probably right but it still disables all my login attempts 
so I cannot use it for debugging ;-)


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