[Catalyst] Bugfree development release?

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 2 10:02:19 CEST 2006

It passes all my tests on my development box, and this was for an application that was the first catalyst app I did so I probably have a lot of mess and non best practice code lying around.

However It seems to bench a little more slowly using ab.  My tests are totally anecdotal but the worst change was an overall drop of about 9% across all the ab tests for one page.  I didn't find a single page in my app that was faster. In general it seemed about 5%-8% slower, which is below peoples ability to notice.  To me it's not a big deal to get the extra functionality and bugs fixes, plus my code could stand a good profiling, but I would definitely encourage people to bench it now before deploying.  I know some people have suggested it was faster for them.  This makes me wonder if it's something I'm doing?  I wonder what other people are finding?

Otherwise I'm using and developing on top of it right now and looking forward to using it for new apps in the near future.  The new Tutorials are great and will really really help bringing new developers online. 


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So, we've heard nothing from you guys about the development release. I guess that means one of two things. Either we've made a bugfree catalyst version, or you guys haven't tested it out. If that's the case, this is your last chance. I'm about to leave YAPC NA, and fly back home to norway. When I get back to work on monday morning, GMT+1 , _03 will become  5.70000, unless we've heard anything to the contrary.

Hope you'll be able to help out. :)
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