[Catalyst] InstantCRUD issues

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Sun Jul 2 11:41:01 CEST 2006


I have run into a couple of issues when using InstantCRUD for a project.

1. Edit/Add fields unaligned
When editing or adding a field, they are not aligned under each other, making 
it both look ugly and harder to process. I found two things wrong with it. 
The easy problem is that _build_widget doesn't insert a <br> tag for each 
label/field pair. I think it should, at least it makes for an easier css.
The hard problem is that HTML::Widget incloses _both_ the label and the field 
ind <label></label> tags. And it's even documented in HTML..Widgets POD. I 
can't see why it should, but perhaps someone more familiar with the module 
I had a short chat with Zbigniew Lukasiak about this, who told that there's 
supposed to be a HTML::Widget specific css around somewhere but he doesn't 
like it because it doesn't allow for aligning error messages correct.

From anyones experience, can I make HTML::Widget do what I want in an 
InstantCRUD environment, limit the <label></label> to the actual label of the 

2. Relationship dropdowns.
_build_widget tries to build a dropdown if it recognises a relationship. This 
is a very nice idea, but as it doesn't know which column in the related table 
to use, it just returns a stringified hash of it all. So this feature doesn't 
seem finished.

I'm thinking that it could be solved easy if it is possible to add custom 
properties to the table's class, so _build_widget could pick up the wanted 
column from there. I dont' think DBIC can do that, though, at least I 
couldn't find the possibility.

Can it be done this way or is there another elegant way?


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