[Catalyst] authentication plugin advice

Len Jaffe lenjaffe at jaffesystems.com
Thu Jul 27 00:50:41 CEST 2006

So I have a semi goofy authentication plugin that I
have to spin soon, and I thought I'd just ask here for
any advice on how to go about it, and to entertain you

I have siteminder hooked into apache via a module, so
any request to my server is authenticated by
siteminder before the request can be processed.  Once
authnicated to sitemeinder, the request is allowed to
hit my cat app, and I get some http headers, one of
which tells me the users ID.

So I need to craft auth plugins to use the ID as
username, not bother with passwords, and look up the
user record from my DBIC user table.

Authz will use the DBIC modules and not need
customization, but I need advice as to which modules I
need to write, crib&customize.  

I read the authn/authz docs, but I'm still a little
fuzzy on the details.

Do I need to write a store::backend?
a login method?
other stuff?


Leonard A. Jaffe     lenjaffe at jaffesystems.com
Leonard Jaffe Computer Systems Consulting Ltd.
Columbus, OH, USA 614-404-4214 F: 530-380-7423

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