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Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri Jun 2 01:17:45 CEST 2006

Thomas Hartman wrote:
> Oops spoke to soon; still having shared server install woes on Dreamhost.
> Before reporting on the wiki that local install was relatively smooth
> when following the advice of the advent calendar for config, along
> with shadowcatInstaller for the install, I "virginized" my environment
> by renaming ~/local and creating a blank local directory. .bashrc and
> .cpan/CPAN/MyConfig.pm remained as suggested by the advent calender.
> then I ran the shadowcat installer and it tried to install into
> /usr/local somewhere. It couldn't, asked me if I wanted to try sudo,
> failed that, and then exited failed.
> I guess the DBIC stuff which I thought was installed by
> shadowcatInstaller was actually installed several months back, but
> painfully.
> I teed this into shadowcatInstaller.output if anyone wants to have a
> look at this, attached.
> Now I am debating between continuing on in my dreamhost environment
> (but knowing this will be difficult to recreate if I ever want to
> start over), or biting the bullet and going to UML/XEN somewhere like
> linode where the install is easy.
> Attached is tarred up teed output of shadowcat installer, .bashrc, and
> MyConfig.pm.

Argh. I'll take a look a bit later on.

> Hope this helps. It would be great if the shadowcat installer worked
> for a shared environment.. doable?

It does, if the CPAN config's right (I install *everything* into ~ on 
our main ev server so I can run bleeding edge versions of things without 
  messing up the rest of my team's work). Getting the CPAN config right 
is ... an interesting experience sometimes though. Can you send me the 
CPAN version as well please, and double-check if CPANPLUS is installed?

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