[Catalyst] YAML vs. *

Mark Blythe list at markblythe.com
Sun Jun 11 00:22:21 CEST 2006

> Config::General -
> <View TT>
>    INCLUDE_PATH __path_to('root')__
> </View>

If nothing else, I'm very glad this thread was started because it
introduced me to Config::General.  It's definitely the way I'll be

On a related note, I discovered the hard way today that ConfigLoader
does not support the short forms of Model (M), View (V), and
Controller (C) as nicely as the verbose ones.  For instance, this does
not work:

<V TT>
INCLUDE_PATH __path_to('foo')__
</V TT>

It also doesn't work to use the long form of the config (<View TT>) if
 your class is actually named V::TT.  They do have to match.

I did finally get it to work with:

INCLUDE_PATH __path_to('foo')__

The short form support could be fixed with a simple change to

Is this desirable to the Catalyst community at large?  Am I the only
one still using the MVC short forms? :-)

I know, I could rename all of my classes, but ... I really don't want to.

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