[Catalyst] sane migration to catalyst

Peter Edwards peterdragon at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Mar 14 18:29:44 CET 2006

Hi D, we looked at the same migration issues last week for our app and I
would echo what Stuart said and suggest


- write a new version of your application one part at a time, using only
Catalyst features and porting over or generalising any app-specific
subroutine libraries


- change the old app's authentication and session store to
Session::Store::FastMmap and Authentication::Store::DBIC (or make them
compatible to some extent) so its login sessions can co-exist with the new


- run a mix of old and new screens side by side (changing the link URLs for
screens as they are converted)


The users don't need to know which system is serving which screen and you
can have screens on both sides sharing database tables.

In fact a client hooked up the OTRS issue tracking system to our app quite
successfully using this kind of approach, with a few tweaks on both sides to
look up data from each other's databases and then putting in some hyperlinks
between screens.


Regards, Peter




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Thansk for your reply ... food for thought.

Thanks for the advice. The main reason against doing it wholesale is that I
need to add features/content fairly continuously. I really like to grow the
site by adding small features that are individually not too much of a hit,
but which all go in the right direction. That also helps keep users
interested. BUT I can probably find workarounds that make it possible, if I
really try. I will still have to make scripts to move content from the old
to the new schema, but that is not that bad I guess. 

The more I am reading up on catalyst + DBIX and also various plugins, the
more I am wishing I'd seen this stuff a year back. I guess that's what
learning curves are all about ... the site is not that big now, it will
probably be not that huge an amount of code under these libraries. 

I'm running Debian, Apache 1.3, mod_perl, mysql. But I will move to postgre,
and probably Apache 2.0 in time - maybe all at once if I'm really gonna go
for teh big bang way.

Again thanks for teh input - I know this is pretty vague stuff, but it's
very good to bounce ideas off people before making big decisions ... 



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