[Catalyst] FW: Clustering catalyst apps

Roy-Magne Mo rmo at sunnmore.net
Mon May 8 15:31:09 CEST 2006

må den 08.05.2006 klokka 13:30 (+0100) skreiv Peter Edwards:
> (I've put some more linebreaks in this time)
> Set up the DNS for your application to map to multiple IP addresses, one
> each for however many web server machines you need. Run your perl apps on
> those.

I do not agree with this, DNS load balancing is crude and leaves a lot
up to implementation of the client. 

It all depends on the budget, but setting up two obsolete/cheap servers
as a LVS (Linux Virtual Server) in front of you real servers, will bring
you quite close to what you want. Design for failure of one or more

You will of course also need to think about the network design and how
much you are wanting to put in. A nice setup with quagga and BGP on the
LVS nodes could possibly work well :) 

Test, test, test and test this setup before putting it into production. 

If you are running SSL, you also might wan't to offload the SSL to
separate servers. 

If you are using MySQL, look into the new clustering options. 

Running a high volume site is always a continious process, this is
probably just step 1.

Roy-Magne Mo <rmo at sunnmore.net>

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