[Catalyst] OT: Windows bashing

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri May 19 21:57:58 CEST 2006

Joe Landman wrote:
>> 1) It comes with a fully POSIX-compliant environment / shell / API.
> www.cygwin.com

Provides a mostly-POSIX-compliant interface as a layer on top. Not the point.

>> 2) Freely available complete development environment (C/C++ compilers,
>> documentation, debugging, IDE, system profiling tools, process tracing
>> tools, network sniffers, etc).
> www.cygwin.com

Doesn't allow you to develop stuff for the base OS. and cygwin is big and a 
bit of a pain to install sometimes.

> though the IDE part is a little harder, as are the process tracing, 
> sniffers, ...
>> 3) Source code for the whole thing freely available, and can be easily
>> modified and rebuilt to locally enhance/bugfix as neccesary.
> www.cygwin.com

Is not "the whole thing"

>> 3) Can be installed sans-GUI for servers and small devices.
> www.cygwin.com

Doesn't mean we don't have the whole Win32 GUI layer installed

>> 4) Costs me the bandwidth to download it legally, but nothing more.
> www.cygwin.com

Still requires a windows license

>> I'll re-evaluate my complete disdain for it and avoidance of it at all
>> costs when they make some significant progress on that list.
> I have run Catalyst under Cygwin.  Works fine.  Same with Perl and many 
> other tools.  Works great.

Mostly. Catalyst and DBIx::Class run fine under cygwin because I've wasted 
days of my life chasing down bugs and annoying CPAN authors until they got 
fixed. And while I can get SVN::Mirror to work, I still can't get SVK running, 
I suspect due to a lurking bug in a dependency somewhere.

> If you have to use windows, and you have no other choice, cygwin is a 
> great thing to use.

Absolutely. Still doesn't make it a viable deployment platform, or make any 
difference to brandon's previous points.

Now, shall we close this thread, please? It's all getting a little silly and I 
fear godwination or something equivalent is fast approaching.

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