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Wade.Stuart at fallon.com Wade.Stuart at fallon.com
Mon May 22 20:03:30 CEST 2006

catalyst-bounces at lists.rawmode.org wrote on 05/22/2006 12:32:30 PM:

> We have created two implementations of the dump: one using Catalyst (as
> understand it based on the tutorials, documentation and videos found on
> web), and the other one, the pure Perl reference implementation, which
> minimizes overhead by using as few Perl modules as possible (IO::Socket,
> DBD::Pg and FCGI), is hand-optimized, and inlines as much code as

Class::DBI is slow.  DBIx::Class is faster,  if you are looking for an
apples to apples test try using your hand optimized DBI in your model
instead of an ORM.  This will allow you to test Catalyst's speed instead of

ORM will always be slower on average than hand tuned SQL.

Your view looks like you are using your own TT/stash, Catalyst does this
with its default View:TT.  Also,  using tt, make sure you have compile
cache turned on and are using the compiled version of TT.

I do not see your other code that is 50x faster?  Are you using TT,
sessions what else is different?

> ----
> -- Is our test scenario typical? We tried to be as relevant as possible:
>    we are usign a database query, templates, and data access objects in
>    Catalyst, which is typical. The test data comes from a real-world
>    business contact database.
> -- Does our test code we use Catalyst and other Perl modules the right
>    Should we replace certain modules with better, faster alternatives?
>    Should we use the modules a different way to make it faster?
> -- Are we using the Catalyst architecture the intended way? We developed
>    test application following the spirit of the Catalyst tutorials,
>    documentation and videos we've found on the net.
> -- Is it OK that Catalyst is 50 times slower than pure Perl?
> -- What should be the maximum acceptable slowdown factor?
>    Somewhere between 5 and 10?
> -- If it is still not fast enough, how do we add additional hardware so
>    website can serve more than 100 requests per second? How to scale up
>    Catalyst? Should we add more application servers and load-balance them
>    with mod_fastcgi of lighttpd?
> -- What is the slowdown factor of other web application frameworks
>    (such as Rails, EJB and ASP.NET)?
> ---
> Get more information about the test suite from:
>   http://www.szszi.hu/~pts/catalyst__Speedtest__README.txt
> Get the test suite itself from:
>   http://www.szszi.hu/~pts/catalyst__Speedtest.tar.gz
> Best regards,
> Péter Szabó
> free software consultant
> Free Software Institute, Hungary
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