[Catalyst] IE Cookie problems

Shawn Ferris shawnmferris at yahoo.com
Mon May 29 17:26:19 CEST 2006

Thanks for the tips -- but nothing is helping unfortunately.. I've used both the IP address and the hostname, which only contains alpha chars and still no go. Within fiddler I see that the Response header has a Set-Cookie record but it doesn't seem to be doing anything with it.
The authentication seems to be pretty simple in my case.. I have a login method within my Controller.. This has the form which is posting the un/pw back to itself.. then upon successful authentication, I see the session being created in the logs and then it's redirecting to the "main" page. It's almost taken 100% from the Cookbook. (There are errors in the code in the Cookbook that I've had to fix) -- and again, it's working from Firefox. I think I have everything correct, IE just doesn't take it.
I've also installed Maxthon and used the tools there to clear all history, cookies, caches, etc.. to no avail. Any other suggestions out there?

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If you have a non standard charater in your hostname (like an '_', or  
something like), IE will not save the cookies for that hostname. It  
works fine on firefox. I had this problem once, and it was a pain in  
the ass to debug it.


On 2006/05/27, at 17:02, Shawn Ferris wrote:

> Hi All --
> I'm at my wits end.. I've got the session/authentication stuff  
> working according to Firefox.. but my sessions aren't sticking in  
> IE. I'm using Fiddler to watch the headers and they look fine.. At  
> first I thought it was an XMLHTTP thing, but I've since ripped all  
> that out and now it follows the Cookbook/Autologon "almost"  
> exactly. And again, Firefox is working perfect.. Anyone have any  
> suggestions on where I should look? is it my IE settings.. I  
> thought I was pretty thorough going through them.. Any advice would  
> be greatly appreciated.
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