[Catalyst] IE Cookie problems

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Mon May 29 17:49:20 CEST 2006

Shawn Ferris wrote:
> Thanks for the tips -- but nothing is helping unfortunately.. I've used both the IP address and the hostname, which only contains alpha chars and still no go. Within fiddler I see that the Response header has a Set-Cookie record but it doesn't seem to be doing anything with it.
> The authentication seems to be pretty simple in my case.. I have a login method within my Controller.. This has the form which is posting the un/pw back to itself.. then upon successful authentication, I see the session being created in the logs and then it's redirecting to the "main" page. It's almost taken 100% from the Cookbook. (There are errors in the code in the Cookbook that I've had to fix) -- and again, it's working from Firefox. I think I have everything correct, IE just doesn't take it.
> I've also installed Maxthon and used the tools there to clear all history, cookies, caches, etc.. to no avail. Any other suggestions out there?

IE being retarded, have you tried running the test server with either -k 
(keepalive) or -f (fork)? I've seen inexplicable problems magically go 
away by doing that before (and never show up if you've got an HTTP proxy 
in front of the test server, or if you're using anything else to serve 
the app, or if the phase of the moon is different, and of course if 
you're using anything except Intarwub Exploder) ...

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