[Catalyst] RFC: JobQueue Job Notification

Kiki kiki at bsdro.org
Wed Sep 20 00:27:19 CEST 2006

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> I think you should have an option for both.
> Use case A, you want to run something every 5 minutes (clean sessions,
> update stock ticker, whatever).  That, you'll just want logged.
> Use case B, you want a nightly report (or something), and you will
> probably want e-mail about that.
So how about the engine inspects the response ... and decides based on
a  header
what to do with it (email, log or both)...

X-Job-Response-Transport: email, log

Should the other two options also be decided via headers?

X-Job-Response-Content: status, headers, body

X-Job-Response-LogByStatus: yes

(Of course there will be fallbacks for each option)

or just try to act smartly like suggested below?

>> What should the engine do with it? It can email it and/or log it. Any
>> other ideas? How much of the response should get emailed/logged? The
>> full thing:
>> 200 OK
>> X-Catalyst: 5.7002
>> <html>
>> ...
>> <html>
>> Or just the body, body+headers,body+status?
>> Should the log level be computed from the response status (i.e. 100-399
>> - info level, 400+ - error level)?
> "Log" should just log that the event ran (to info), and the $c->error if
> there was an error.  If you want warnings to be logged, I suggest having
> a plugin for that :)
> "E-mail" should probably log that the event ran, and then send the body
> if the response is 200 OK.  If there was an error, log the details, and
> then mail or log the error message, headers, response, probably the
> request, and maybe the contents of the stash; depending on debug levels
> of course.
> My $0.02
> Regards,
> Jonathan Rockway

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