[Catalyst] RFC: JobQueue Job Notification

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Sep 20 00:14:07 CEST 2006

I think you should have an option for both.

Use case A, you want to run something every 5 minutes (clean sessions,
update stock ticker, whatever).  That, you'll just want logged.

Use case B, you want a nightly report (or something), and you will
probably want e-mail about that.

> What should the engine do with it? It can email it and/or log it. Any
> other ideas? How much of the response should get emailed/logged? The
> full thing:
> 200 OK
> X-Catalyst: 5.7002
> <html>
> ...
> <html>
> Or just the body, body+headers,body+status?
> Should the log level be computed from the response status (i.e. 100-399
> - info level, 400+ - error level)?

"Log" should just log that the event ran (to info), and the $c->error if
there was an error.  If you want warnings to be logged, I suggest having
a plugin for that :)

"E-mail" should probably log that the event ran, and then send the body
if the response is 200 OK.  If there was an error, log the details, and
then mail or log the error message, headers, response, probably the
request, and maybe the contents of the stash; depending on debug levels
of course.

My $0.02

Jonathan Rockway

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