[Catalyst] ConfigLoader does not find my yml file

Dean Brockhausen dean.brockhausen at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 03:51:46 CEST 2006

I am working through the tutorial in the manual and I have run accross
 small problem.  In the Authentication step, you modify the yml file

 name: MyApp
           # Note this first definition would be the same as setting
           # __PACKAGE__->config->{authentication}->{dbic}->{user_class}
= 'MyAppDB::User'
           # in lib/MyApp.pm (IOW, each hash key becomes a "name:" in
the YAML file).
           # This is the model object created by
Catalyst::Model::DBIC from your
           # schema (you created 'MyAppDB::User' but as the Catalyst startup
           # debug messages show, it was loaded as
           # NOTE: Omit 'MyApp::Model' to avoid a component lookup
issue in Catalyst 5.66
           user_class: MyAppDB::User
           # This is the name of the field in your 'users' table that
contains the user's name
           user_field: username
           # This is the name of the field in your 'users' table that
contains the password
           password_field: password
           # Other options can go here for hashed passwords

however when I star the server I get :

You must provide a user_class at
C:/strawberry-perl/perl/site/lib/Catalyst.pm line 862

if I add the lines suggested by the comments in the yml file I do not
get this error.

I think that the yml file is not being loaded,  the yml file is in the
directory with the DB.  This is also the directory reported as home by
the server script.

Any help would be appreciated.


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