[Catalyst] Apache/mod_perl 2.0 deep documentation and troubleshooting

Valentin Tumarkin valentin-lists at fuzzycow.org
Mon Apr 2 14:04:54 GMT 2007

I believe you should increase your log level on the Apache/mod_perl side:

1) Remember to use the -Debug flag in Catalyst

2) In the VirtualHost configuration:
LogLevel debug

3) via mod_perl API:

use Apache2::Log;
use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(OK :log);
use Apache2::ServerRec ();
use Apache2::ServerUtil ();

my $s = Apache2::ServerUtil->server;

You should need ether (2) or (3). They are supposed to do the same
thing. However if (2) is not enough try (3) too.
Ether way - the logs will probably be written to the global server log
file. I never managed to divert Catalyst logs to the VirtualHost's own
log. If anyone has a solution for that - it'd be greatly appreciated.

On 4/2/07, Xavier Robin <robin0 at etu.unige.ch> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a Catalyst application "MIAPE" working as standalone server. Now I
> would like to use it in mod_perl (perl 5.8.5, Apache 2.0.52, mod_perl 2.0.3
> on a 64 bit machine).
> So I took the documentation
> (http://search.cpan.org/~agrundma/Catalyst-Engine-Apache-1.07/lib/Catalyst/Engine/Apache2/MP20.pm)
> and I added the following at the end of httpd.conf :
>     PerlSwitches -I/home/xrobin/MIAPE/lib
>     PerlModule MIAPE
>     <VirtualHost>
>         ServerName    miapegeldb.isb-sib.ch
>         DocumentRoot  /home/xrobin/MIAPE/root
>         <Location />
>             SetHandler          modperl
>             PerlResponseHandler MIAPE
>         </Location>
>     </VirtualHost>
> Apache restarted successfully. But the application doesn't work.
> Unfortunately, there is no error message in the apache error_log file. I don't
> know what I did wrong, nor where the error is (Is the application loaded? Is
> there a network/firewall problem? Etc.). I looked for a more complete
> Catalyst/mod_perl 2 documentation, and in the list archive, but I couldn't
> find anything.
> Do someone know what I did wrong, or where I could find some documentation for
> debugging?
> Thank you,
> Xavier
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