[Catalyst] HTML::FormFu and Rose::DB::Object?

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Tue Apr 3 19:19:17 GMT 2007

Quinn Weaver scribbled on 4/3/07 12:40 PM:

> If so, will FormFu be compatible with Rose::DB::Object, or will it be
> tied to DBIC?  (I know the Rose framework has its own way of handling
> forms, but I like FormFu better because of its clean separation of
> concerns.)
> Any words of wisdom from the FormFu masters? :)

I'm no master, nor have I looked at FormFu. However, I'd suggest you look at the 
Catalyst::Controller::Rose stuff I posted to CPAN last week:


That has base Controllers for use with RDBO and RHTMLO, and I'd expect you might 
use it as a starting place for tying in FormFu instead of RHTMLO. See in particular:


and the init_object() and init_form() methods.

That said, what exactly is it about RHTMLO that strikes you as less than a 
"clear separation of concerns"?

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