[Catalyst] Generate dynamic list

Danny Warren danny at io.com
Sun Apr 8 18:20:02 GMT 2007

It would have to be done with javascript no matter what framework 
(unless you wanted to do it with multiple partial form-submits, which is 
kinda ugly and you would end up using javascript anyhow to smooth out 
the submits most likely).

This is usually called "select chaining", and I remember seeing some 
article that was catalyst-centric floating somewhere.

Ah, here we go (haven't used this method myself, not sure how right this 
article is, but should get you started):


However, I think the consensus around here is not to use the Prototype 
plugins or helper, since they really shouldn't be plugins in the first 
place (and locks you in to whatever version is in the HTML::Prototype 

I just insclude the prototype.js script directly in my html template 
whenever I need to use prototype.  More info:


Danny Warren

Cookie wrote:
> Sorry for interruption.My requirement is:
> I have two drop list A and B and two tables A and B in my dababase.
> When the page vistited,A shows the option from select name from A,this is
> easy to implement.Then I select a option from A,such as 1,at the same
> time,It will dynamic generate the B list from select name from B where id =
> 1.
> I know it could  implement by in javascript.But is there some package in
> Catalyst can implement this requirement?
> Thanks for your response.
> With Best wishes.
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