[Catalyst] HOWTO reference config settings from template

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Thu Apr 12 16:51:04 GMT 2007

Jeff Chimene scribbled on 4/12/07 10:35 AM:

> and I don't see the TT2 configuration settings. When I try the similar 
> experiment in the perl module, & dump __PACKAGE__->config, the TT2 
> configuration settings are displayed.

that's because your TT config probably isn't getting set in the master config 
for your app, which is what c.config returns.

Every M/V/C in Catalyst has a config() method (iirc -- please correct me, oh 
gurus), and the master MyApp class has a config() too, which is where you 
generally set values for the entire application.

You can set your TT config there too. But looking at what you're trying to do, I 
wonder if what you really want is a TT type config file, which can set constants 
and other relevant TT stuff. CatRose has an example of how I do it:




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