[Catalyst] HOWTO reference config settings from template

Jeff Chimene jchimene at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 18:01:48 GMT 2007

Peter Karman wrote:
> Jeff Chimene scribbled on 4/12/07 10:35 AM:
>> and I don't see the TT2 configuration settings. When I try the 
>> similar experiment in the perl module, & dump __PACKAGE__->config, 
>> the TT2 configuration settings are displayed.
> that's because your TT config probably isn't getting set in the master 
> config for your app, which is what c.config returns.
> Every M/V/C in Catalyst has a config() method (iirc -- please correct 
> me, oh gurus), and the master MyApp class has a config() too, which is 
> where you generally set values for the entire application.
> You can set your TT config there too. But looking at what you're 
> trying to do, I wonder if what you really want is a TT type config 
> file, which can set constants and other relevant TT stuff. CatRose has 
> an example of how I do it:
> http://search.cpan.org/src/KARMAN/Catalyst-Controller-Rose-0.01/examples/CatRose/lib/CatRose/View/TT.pm 
> cheers.
> pek
Hi Peter,

The config is called in the View package (fori::View::Menu) I was hoping 
to set TT2 values /per package/ via the config as created by the TT2 
helper. It looks like (after DEBUG => 'all') that TT2 only references 
the stash when it resolves variables.

I think that I'll look for other ways to solve this problem.


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