[Catalyst] syntax

Tom Lanyon tom at netspot.com.au
Mon Apr 16 23:42:45 GMT 2007

Will Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to do a search on a table which contains a where clause greater 
> than, and tried what I can think of but none work. This might not a 
> place for this type of question, but I hope that some of you could 
> spend a minute to help me out.
> Just a simple search:
> select * from books where id > '3';
> $c->stash->{book} = [$c->model('myAppDB::Book')->search( ...  ??
> Thank you.

Please also note that Catalyst makes use of many Models; we can make the 
assumption that you're using DBIx::Class, but please be more explicit 
next time.

Tom Lanyon

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