[Catalyst] Charting data

Sven Dowideit SvenDowideit at home.org.au
Tue Apr 17 12:30:34 GMT 2007

I am using plotkit - http://www.liquidx.net/plotkit/ which uses html
canvas - so its dependant on the browser being capable, but otherwise
offloads the graph creation rather nicely.

i probably should make a Catalyst wrapper for it :)


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On Tue, 2007-04-17 at 12:22 +0100, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> I have an existing application which I want to add some basic data  
> graphing operations to.
> The existing code is all fairly basic CRUD like (actually its mainly  
> R since the CUD is done mostly externally), with a TT view and  
> DBIx::Class model.
> The graphs wanted are of data storage volumes for multiple items over  
> a period - so either lines, or stacked lines, with several  
> (potentially 10s) of lines.
> My initial inclination would be to have a wrapper URL which generates  
> pretty much a HTML frame and a IMG tag in it pointing to another cat  
> URL (with the same parameters passed as to the wrapper) which  
> generates data into a View based on Chart::Lines.
> This means I do most of the DB queries twice (ie once in the wrapper  
> invocation, and again in the image generation), which appears messy.
> I'd love some suggestions as to good alternative methods - I do have  
> sessions set up, but dumping the graph (or data for it) into the  
> session store seems a little bizarre.  I have seen a java graphing  
> applet which would allow me to just generate it in one go with the  
> graph data done as params within the applet call (the applet did not  
> appear to be very sophisticated unfortunately).
> 	Nigel.
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