[Catalyst] [RFC] ditch svn

Kiki kiki at bsdro.org
Wed Apr 18 08:25:14 GMT 2007

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> I think it's pretty clear that Subversion is a failure for our project.  We 
> use topic branches heavily, and that's just not something svn (or really svk) 
> is designed for.
> I hearby propose that we switch to git.  I envision each project in trunk to 
> be a separate repository.  That will allow us to easily manage commit 
> permissions, and keep branches sane (branching Catalyst-Runtime need not 
> affect Catalyst-Plugin-Foobar).  I'm willing to setup and administer All 
> Things Git if we decide to switch.
All nice and peachy, except for lack of a native win32 port... to use
git on win32 you apparently have the following alternatives:

1. recompile it with mingw
2. use a eclipse-based java implementation
3. install cygwin for the ride

everyone of these seems a bit too much trouble for just checking out
catalyst sources.

I propose Mercurial and my argument is that if it's good enough for to
be selected as a candidate for the Mozilla repository
it could work for Catalyst too.

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