[Catalyst] many Views that may include common display fragments

Steve H s_t_e_v_e_h at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 26 01:25:09 GMT 2007

Again, thanks... and it's great to see such diversity in Catalyst usage and 
help offerred.

To reiterate part of the problem..  in the final View that composes the 
(final) page, I'd want to include HTML fragments that were created by common 
functions (that could create them for other pages too).  Trouble is, things 
came unstuck when I forward('someCommonFunction' ... which fires the 
controller to fetch the data, then it's associated View to actually create 
the HTML fragment; it would normally be plugged into response body, however 
the (Seamstress) resultant Tree object is also Stash'able or returned and 
the body could get ignored... when the forward() returns, I'd have the Tree 
(html'able) fragment that I could stitch into the main doc's html tree that 
is then finally  rendered as_html().
-- that's where it comes unstuck... it can't seem to recurse that stuff.
Note that I'm using Seamstress (as opposed to TT).


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