[Catalyst] Re: Running MyAppB under MyAppA (only for developers)

Oleg Pronin syber.rus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 11:12:14 GMT 2007

I solved this problem recently. But only for my case.
To enable uniadm for your project you just need to do

use Catalyst qw/Uniadm/;

and possibly.
__PACKAGE__->config->{uniadm} =3D {
    prefix =3D> 'admin',
and it will be available at yoursite/admin

The plugin attaches all actions (changing namespaces) + all views + serves
uniadm's static files.
Everythings works great (the problems i described in the first post were
caused by a bug).

I need it to be a full catalyst app because uniadm is a very complicated
system. It supports extending datatypes, automatic problems detection,
relations, compilated search, extensions to admin pages design to meet
manager's requirements, triggers and many other things.
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