[Catalyst] Issue with JSON view

Mesdaq, Ali amesdaq at websense.com
Thu Aug 9 01:51:03 GMT 2007

Hey all,

I got an issue with creating a JSON view. So here is my setup

I have my catalyst app named scorer.
I have a controller named rules
I am using TT for views and everything is working fine
I wanted to add ajax so I added a method in my controller to get some
values for a drop down
I am using mochikit for the js scripting with the js file in my static
I added a JSON view to my app but when I forward from my method I get
this error

* Couldn't render template "file error - rules/get_value_operators: not

My method is simple it looks like this

sub get_value_operators : Local
    my ($self, $c, $match_type_id) = @_;
    $c->stash->{json} = $c->model('scorerDB::value_operator')->search
            'match_type_id' => $match_type_id,

My understanding may be wrong but the json view should create the
headers and return the result itself right? I shouldn't need to create a
template file on disk for a json view or so I assume. The only thing I
can think of is that for some reason it is still being sent to my TT

Any advice or tips is appreciated.

Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher II
Websense Security Labs

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